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Types of License Transfers

There are many types of license transfers. Each transfer application processed by the Commission follows the same procedural format (filing and docket assignment, staff review, public notice, final review, order issuance). The application process generally takes between 90 and 120 days depending on the complexity of the transaction process between the parties. In all circumstances, project assets must not be transferred without prior approval from the Commission. The following describes the typical transactions that require an application for license transfer and prior Commission approval:

  • Sale of Project
  • Adding/Removing co-licensee(s)
  • Changing Licensee Corporate Structure
  • Municipality to Non-Municipality
  • Non-Municipality to Municipality
  • Bankruptcy Transfer

The following transactions do not typically require a license transfer application and prior approval from the Commission. However, the Commission should be notified of these changes.

  • Change in Parent Company Corporate Structure, Licensee remains the same
  • Change Licensee Name


Updated: June 5, 2015