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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

Environmental Impact Statement for the Swan Falls Hydroelectric Project (Project No. 503-048)
Issued: August 26, 2010

Commission Staff prepared a final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the relicensing of Idaho Power Company's (Idaho Power) existing 25-megawatt Swan Falls Hydroelectric Project (Swan Falls Project). The project analyzed in the document is located on the Snake River in Ada and Owyhee Counties, Idaho.

Idaho Power used the Traditional Licensing Process and filed the license application for the Swan Falls Project on June 26, 2008. Idaho Power proposes no new capacity. However, Idaho Power, as part of its application, filed a series of resource management plans that it requests be incorporated in a new license for the project. The proposed management plans cover a range of resources, including (a) water quality, (b) wildlife habitat and enhancement, (c) noxious weeds, (d) special status plants, (e) recreation, and (f) cultural resources and historic properties. Commission staff evaluated the proposed management plans, and recommendations of others, in the final EIS.

In the final EIS, Commission staff recommended the staff alternative, which consisted of the proposed action, with some recommended modifications to the proposed management plans.