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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Holtwood Hydroelectric, Project No. 1881-050
Issued: July 18, 2008

Commission staff prepared a draft Environmental Impact Statement (draft EIS) for the amendment of license proposed for the PPL Holtwood's 107.2 -megawatt (MW) Holtwood Project No. 1881. The project is located on the Susquehanna River in Lancaster and York Counties, Pennsylvania.

PPL Holtwood filed an amendment application with the Commission on December 20, 2007. There are no federal lands affected by the project.

PPL Holtwood proposes to increase the installed capacity, increase the hydraulic capacity, and improve upstream fish passage. The proposal includes construction of a new powerhouse, installation of turbines, construction of a new skimmer wall, enlargement of the forebay, and reconfiguration of the project facilities to enhance upstream fish passage through modifications of the existing fishway and excavation in the tailrace channel. The installed capacity would increase by approximately 80 MW. Additionally, PPL Holtwood requested a 16-year extension of the current license term until August 31, 2030.

In the draft EIS, Commission staff recommends the staff alternative, which consists of the proposed action with additional measures recommended by staff. The deadline for receiving comments on the draft EIS is August 18, 2008.


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