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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) evaluates the Clackamas River Hydroelectric Project in Clackamas County, Oregon (P-2195-011)
Issued: December 21, 2006

The FEIS addresses the impacts of four hydroelectric developments of the Clackamas River Project.  The applicant for relicense is Portland General Electric Company (PGE), Portland, Oregon.

PGE submitted with its license application a settlement agreement with proposed environmental protection, mitigation and enhancement measures.  FERC staff considered what, if any, modifications to PGE’s proposed action would be necessary or appropriate with the continued operation of the project.  Staff is recommending for license PGE’s proposed action with modifications.  Enhancement measures include:  erosion and sedimentation control; improved water quality and quantity; improvement to anadromous and resident fish habitat and recreation facilities upgrades.  Staff did not recommend enhancement measures that are not project related; nor funding or implementation of enhancement measure as yet uncertain or unidentified.

Staff concludes that relicensing of the Clackamas River Project as proposed with staff modification would be best adapted to a comprehensive plan for the future use of the Clackamas River while ensuring the protection and enhancement of environmental resources.