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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) evaluates four hydroelectric projects on Lewis River in Washington State (P-2071-000 et al.)
Issued: March 24, 2006

The FEIS addresses the impacts of the Swift No. 1, Swift No. 2, Yale and Merwin hydroelectric projects located on the North Fork Lewis River in Cowlitz, Clark, and Skamania counties, Washington. PacifiCorp (Swift No. 1, Yale, and Merwin) and Cowlitz PUD (Swift No. 2) are the applicants for re-license.

Some staff-recommended measures include upstream and downstream fish passage facilities, minimum instream flows, aquatic and terrestrial habitat enhancement, fish hatcheries and recreation improvements.

Staff concludes that the relicensing of the Swift No. 1, Swift No. 2, Yale and Merwin projects as proposed with staff modification would be best adapted to a comprehensive plan for the proper use, conservation, and development of the Lewis River.

Comments on this final EIS can be eFiled.