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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Hydropower Environment

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With respect to hydroelectric projects, FERC safeguards the environment by:

  • Ensuring that planned projects will minimize damage to the environment;

  • Requiring that all hydropower applicants communicate with federal and state Natural Resources agencies, Indian tribes, and state water quality agencies prior to submitting an application to FERC - Initial Consultation Contact List

  • Ensuring that all license applicants perform the necessary studies to base an informed decision on the project;

  • Issuing draft Environmental Assessments (EAs) or draft Environmental Documents for comment. FERC makes electronic copies of the draft and final EISs available to the public. A limited number of paper copies are also available from the Public Reference Room (call toll-free 1-866-208-3676);

  • Incorporating license requirements designed to reduce environmental impacts;

  • Visiting projects that are requesting relicenses or license amendments. Scoping meetings are held to determine the most important environmental resources to address in an EA or EIS; and

  • Maintaining a licensing handbook PDF with guidelines for preparing the Exhibit E, the environmental information exhibit required to be included with each application.