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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Major Pipeline Projects Pending (Onshore)

Data as of April, 2018

These items include major projects that add capacity. The items listed do not include abandonments, minor projects that do not include any facilities, projects under the blanket program, storage projects or LNG projects.

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Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP18-506, CP18-516, CP18-539 Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C., Portland XPress Project Phase III, Capacity Lease, Capacity Reacquisition and Abandonment of Ownership Interest 52.92 0 6.300 MA, ME 08/10/18
CP18-534, PF18-01 Northern Natural Gas Company, Northern Lights 2019 and Rochester Expansion Projects 138.50 31.30 42,953 MN 07/27/18
CP18-525 Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP, Willis Lateral Project 200.00 19.00 15,876 TX 07/13/18
CP18-512, CP18-513, PF15-26 Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline, L.P., Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC, Corpus Christi Liquefaction Stage III, L, Stage 3 LNG Facilities, Stage 3 Pipeline 1,500.00 21.00 44,000 TX 06/28/18
CP18-487 Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, SPL Project 400.00 0 22,490 LA 05/18/18
CP18-479 Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, Phase II of the Portland XPress Project 11.32 0 0 MA, ME 05/07/18
CP18-332 El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C., South Mainline Expansion Project 318.77 17.00 26,440 AZ, NM, TX 04/26/18
CP18-251 Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, Presidential Permit Amendment 41.48 0 0 NH, ME, MA 04/20/18
CP18-186 Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, Southeastern Trail Project 296.38 7.72 138,720 VA, SC, GA, LA 04/11/18
CP18-137, PF17-6 Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC, Buckeye XPress Project 275.00 66.20 0 OH, WV 03/26/18
CP18-135 National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation, Line N to Monaca Project 133.00 4.50 0 PA 03/23/18
CP18-117 Wyoming Interstate Company, L.L.C., Cheyenne Compressor Station Expansion Project 222.00 0.00 2,700 CO 03/15/18
CP18-102, CP18-103 Cheyenne Connector, LLC, Rockies Express Pipeline LLC, Cheyenne Connector Pipeline Project 1,200.00 70.00 32,100 CO 03/05/18
CP18-94 Colorado Interstate Gas Company, L.L.C. , 2018 Line Nos. 5A and 5B Expansion Project 230.00 0.00 0 CO 02/27/18
CP18-46 Adelphia Gateway, LLC, Adelphia Gateway Pipeline 775.00 4.60 11,250 PA, DE 01/12/18
CP18-45 Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc., Sweden Valley Project 120.00 4.90 0 PA, OH 01/10/18
Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP18-37, CP18-38 Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLC, Compressor Expansion Project, Presidential Permit Amendment 748.94 0.00 15,900 AZ 12/21/17
CP18-26 Texas Eastern Transmission, LP, Lambertville East Expansion Project 60.00 0.00 7,000 NJ 12/07/17
CP18-18 Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, Gateway Expansion Project 65.00 0.00 27,500 NJ 11/15/17
CP17-20, CP17-21, CP17-21-001, CP18-07, PF15-18, PF15-19, PF17-05 PORT ARTHUR LNG, LLC, Port Arthur Pipeline, LLC, PALNG Common Facilities Company, LLC,  Liquefaction Project, Pipeline Facilities Project, Louisiana Connector Project 4,000.00 169.85 154,952 LA, TX 11/07/17
CP17-441, CP17-441-001 Northwest Pipeline LLC North Seattle Upgrade Project 165.30 6.90 0 WA 10/23/17
CP18-6 RH energytrans, LLC, Risberg Line Project 55.00 59.90 1,862 PA, OH 10/16/17
CP17-494, CP17-495 PACIFIC CONNECTOR GAS PIPELINE, LP, Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P., Pacific Connector Pipeline, Jordan Cove LNG 1,200.00 229.00 62,200 OR 09/21/17
CP17-470, PF15-25 Freeport LNG Development, L.P., Freeport LNG Development, L.P. and FLNG,  Train 4 Project 0.00 10.60 0 TX 06/29/17
CP17-458, PF17-3 Cheniere Midstream Holdings, Inc., Midship Pipeline Company, LLC, Midcontinent Supply Header Interstate Pipeline Project 1,440.00 233.30 118,400 OK 05/31/17
CP17-40 CP17-40-001 Spire STL Pipeline LLC, Spire STL Pipeline 400.00 65.00 0 IL, MO 04/21/17
CP17-178, PF14-21 Alaska Gasoline Development Corporation, Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, Alaska LNG Project 3,100.00 871.00 336,000 AK 04/17/17
CP17-117, CP17-118, PF16-06 Driftwood LNG LLC, Driftwood LNG Pipeline LLC, Driftwood Pipeline LLC,  Driftwood LNG, Driftwood Pipeline 4,000.00 96.00 296,500 LA 03/31/17
CP17-101, PF16-5 Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, Northeast Supply Enhancement Project 400.00 37.09 53,902 NJ, NY, PA 03/27/17
CP17-66, CP17-67, PF15-27 Venture Global Plaquemines LNG, LLC, Venture Global Gator Express, LLC, Gator Express, Plaquemines LNG 3,940.00 26.8 0 LA 02/28/17
Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP17-21 Port Arthur Pipeline, LLC (PF15-19) Port Arthur Pipeline Project (see Port Arthur LNG/PF15-18) 2,000.00 38.80 65,052.00 LA, TX 11/29/16
CP15-551-001 TransCameron Pipeline, LLC 225.00 -19.20 0.00 LA 06/28/16
CP15-550,CP15-551,CP15-551-001, PF15-02 Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC, TransCameron Pipeline, LLC, Venture Global Calcasieu Pass LNG Terminal and Pipeline Project, TransCameron Pipeline Project, Venture Global Calcasieu Pass LNG Terminal 2,125.00 42.70 0.00 LA 06/28/16
CP16-454, CP16-45, PF15-20 Rio Bravo Pipeline Company, LLC, Rio Grande LNG, LLC, Rio Bravo Pipeline Company LLC, Rio Grande LNG Terminal and Pipeline System Project, Rio Grande LNG Terminal, Rio Bravo Pipeline Project 4,500.00 139.40 600,000 TX 05/05/16
Docket No. Company/Project Capacity (MMcf/d) Miles of Pipe Compression (HP) States Filing Date
CP16-21 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (PF14-22)
Northeast Energy Direct Project
1,300.00 419.70 361,100.00 CT, MA, NH, NY, PA 11/20/15
CP15-551 TransCameron Pipeline, LLC (PF15-2)
see Venture Global/CP15-550)
1,900.00 42.70 0.00 LA 09/04/15

Updated: August 28, 2018