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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Natural Gas General Information Cost-of-Service Rate Filings

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Cost-of-Service Rate Filings for 2004-2010

Docket No. Pipeline Filing Date File Name File Size (KB)
RP10-729 Portland Natural Gas Transmission Company 5/12/2010173A0512.zip88MB
RP10-21Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC 10/1/2009034A0910.zip54.3MB
Updates for Test Period4/14/2010034A1004.zip230 KB
RP09-427Southern Natural Gas Company9/14/2009007A0909.zip574KB
RP09-809 Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C. 7/1/2009172A0701.zip3 MB
RP09-816Trunkline LNG Company 7/1/200987A0701.zip13 MB
RP09-791Mogas Pipeline LLC6/30/2009194A0630.zip3,014 KB
RP09-487High Island Offshore System, LLC3/31/2009077A0309.zip26,324 KB
RP04-274-017Kern River Gas Transmission Company3/2/2009099B0309.zip120 K
RP09-427Southern Natural Gas Company3/2/2009007A903.ZIP25,000 KB
RP09-431Vector Pipeline LP2/27/2009175A0902.ZIP480 KB
RP09-406Paiute Pipeline Company2/27/2009041A0902.ZIP24,012 KB
RP08-436Stingray Pipeline Company, L.L.C.06/30/2008069A0806.ZIP52,419 KB
RP08-426El Paso Natural Gas Company6/30/2008033A0806.ZIP13,386 KB
RP08-350Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.4/30/2008043A0804.ZIP5,825 KB
Statement G 5/14/2008043A0805.ZIP193 KB
RP08-306Portland Natural Gas Transmission System4/1/2008173A0804.ZIP31,143 KB
RP08-257Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.3/4/2008197A0803.ZIP9,935 KB
RP07-541Southwest Gas Storage Company8/1/2007106A0708.ZIP55,477 KB
RP07-513Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC6/29/2006006A0707.ZIP16,903 KB
Test Period Update 1/14/2008006A0801.ZIP203 KB
RP07-39Black Marlin Pipeline Company10/31/2006088A0610.ZIP 14,046 KB
Corrected Schedules/Exhibits 3/6/2007088A0703.ZIP1,166 KB
Updated Test Period Data 5/16/2007088A0705.ZIP93 KB
RP07-38Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company10/31/2006023A0610.ZIP2,384 KB
RP06-614Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC9/29/2006042A0609.ZIP61,971 KB
RP06-569Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation8/31/2006029A0608.ZIP6,825 KB
Supplemental Statement G9/14/2006029A0609.ZIP1,429 KB
Motion to Place Suspended Revised Tariff Sheets into Effect;2/28/2007029A0702.ZIP412 KB
Test Period Updates4/13/2007029A0704.ZIP773 KB
RP06-540High Island Offshore System, L.L.C8/31/2006077A0608.ZIP5,382 KB
RP06-417Dominion Cove Point LNG, L.P.06/30/2006127A0606.ZIP3,804 KB
RP06-416Northwest Pipeline Corporation06/30/2006037A0606.ZIP4,630 KB
RP06-407Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation06/30/2006086A0606.ZIP30,334 KB
Updated Test Period Data2/15/2007086A0702.ZIP1,898 KB
RP06-336Pine Needle LNG Company, L.L.C.05/01/2006169A0605.ZIP2,047 KB
Updated Statement G Test Data12/15/2006169A0612.ZIP102 KB
RP06-217Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P. 02/07/2006185A0602.ZIP1,458 KB
RP06-72Northern Border Pipeline Company11/01/2005089A&B0511.ZIP40,008 KB
Statement G Data11/15/2005 089A&B0511-1.ZIP21,667 KB
Test period Update5/17/2006089A&B0605.ZIP1406 KB
RP05-683Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P. 09/30/2005185A0509.ZIP240 KB
RP05-422El Paso Natural Gas Company06/30/2005033A0506.ZIP38,043 KB
Updated Test Period Files 06/14/2006033A0606.ZIP20 KB
RP05-317 Texas Gas Transmission, LLC Primary and Alternate Pro Forma Filings and Rates Development Model04/29/2005018A&B0504.ZIP26474 KB
Schedule G Data 05/16/2005 018A&B0505.ZIP2244 KB
RP05-164Equitrans, L.P.01/28/2005024A0501.ZIP 396 KB
Schedule G Data02/11/2005 024A0502.ZIP72 KB
RP05-163 Paiute Pipeline Company01/28/2005 041A0501.ZIP3374 KB
RP05-105 Equitrans, L.P.12/03/2004 024A0412.ZIP409 KB
Additional Schedule G Data12/14/2004 024B0412.ZIP155 KB
RP04-523 Southern Natural Gas Company08/31/2004 007A0408.ZIP2964 KB
Supporting G1-G6 Schedules09/15/2004 007A0409.ZIP275 KB
Updated Test Files03/17/2005007A0503.ZIP 1037 KB
RP04-360 Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.06/30/2004 172A0406.ZIP16423 KB
RP04-276 Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.04/30/2004 043A0404.ZIP1230 KB
Statement G05/14/2004 043B0404.ZIP183 KB
Updates for Test Period11/30/2004 043D0404.ZIP577 KB
RP04-274 Kern River Gas Transmission Company04/30/2004 099A0404.ZIP 7600 KB
RP04-203 Equitrans, L.P.03/01/2004 024A0403.ZIP420 KB
RP04-155 Northern Natural Gas Company01/30/2004 059A0401.ZIP5157 KB
Test Period Updates05/14/2004 059A0408.ZIP2238 KB
RP04-136 Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.01/02/2004 110A0401.ZIP738 KB