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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Natural Gas General Information Cost-of-Service Rate Filings

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Cost-of-Service Rate Filings for 2002-2003

Docket No. Pipeline Filing Date File Name File Size (KB)
RP04-97 Equitrans, L.P. 12/01/2003 024A0312.ZIP 227 KB
Schedule G-1 through G-3 data 12/12/2003 024B0312.ZIP 118 KB
RP04-24 Algonquin Gas Transmission Company (Compliance filing per November 7, 2003 Order) 11/26/2003 020A0311.ZIP 305 KB
Statement P files 12/12/2003 020B0312.ZIP 3982 KB
RP04-12 Florida Gas Transmission Company, (One CEII file, a system map, is not included in the ZIP file.) 10/01/2003 034A0310.ZIP 664 KB
End of Test Period Updated Schedules and Statements 04/15/2004 034A0404.ZIP 133 KB
RP03-625 Chandeleur Pipe Line Company, (NIP and CEII files are not included in the ZIP file.) 09/30/2003 097A0309.ZIP 2135 KB
RP00-107-003 Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company, Compliance filing per Order issued July 3, 2003 07/23/2003 049D0307.ZIP 718 KB
RP03-489 Vector Pipeline L.P. 05/30/2003 175A0305.ZIP 699 KB
RP03-398 Northern Natural Gas Company 05/01/2003 059A0305.ZIP 3080 KB
11/14/2003 059B0311.ZIP 465 KB
RP03-461 Alliance Pipeline L.P.
Compliance filing per CP97-168-000,et al.
04/30/2003 176A0304.ZIP 1047 KB
RP03-335 Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (UTOS) L.L.C. 03/31/2003 074A0303.ZIP 518 KB
RP03-221 High Island Offshore System, L.L.C. 12/31/2003 077A0212.ZIP 1198 KB
RP03-162 Trailblazer Pipeline Company 11/29/2002 068A0211.ZIP 435 KB
RP02-407 Pine Needle LNG Company 08/01/2002 169A0208.ZIP 289 KB
RP02-356 Canyon Creek Compression Company 05/31/2002 067A0205.ZIP 306 KB
RP02-134 Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, LLC
Compliance filing per CP96-178-000, CP01-154-000 et. al.
05/15/2002 172A0205.ZIP 377 KB
12/27/2001 172A0112.ZIP 56 KB
RP02-132 Viking Gas Transmission Company 10/11/2002 082A0210.ZIP 195 KB
01/15/2002 082A0201.ZIP 2316 KB
12/28/2001 082A0112.ZIP 716 KB