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WinFASTR Version 2.1.5

Download WinFASTR Version 2.1

Format Primary Header Text Database WinFASTR 1.0.xx WinFASTR 2.1.5
Unzipped Prime
Supported Supported
16-bit zipped ZPrime ZipHdr ZipDBF Supported Not Supported
32-bit zipped GZPrime GZipHdr GZipDBF Not Supported Supported

WinFASTR Version 2.1.5 is a major revision of WinFASTR, intended to be compatible with Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 and its successors are incompatible with the earlier WinFASTR. WinFASTR 1.0.xx cannot create output files under Windows 2000 or NT. There is also a change in the zip / compression algorithms.
You can use WinFASTR versions 1.0.xx to read the unzipped file format, using the Prime file available from "ZIP" files on the website.

WinFASTR versions 1.0.xx do not understand cite numbers higher than 98.
In the Unzipped formats, the Prime file has different record lengths for the old and new versions. Prime4 accommodates longer names for the pipeline companies.
At present, WinFASTR 2.1 does not perform merge operations correctly in zipped mode within a tariff volume. It will zip whole volumes, and merge them together.

WinFASTR2 is no longer supported by the Commission.
It is freely distributed entirely without warranty.


Updated: September 28, 2010