Enbridge Pipelines (AlaTenn) L. L. C.


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Effective Date: 10/11/2002, Docket: RP03- 40-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 150 Original Sheet No. 150 : Effective





The Releasing Shipper shall be responsible for obtaining

reimbursement for any such payment from the Replacement

Shipper pursuant to the Three Party Contract, if such Three

Party Contract is elected by the Replacement Shipper.

Failure of either the Replacement Shipper or Releasing

Shipper to pay bills as provided herein shall entitle

Transporter to exercise the remedies available under the

Transportation Service Contract and this Tariff, including

suspension of service to the Releasing Shipper and the

Replacement Shipper, as well as any other remedies available

to Transporter.


(k) With respect to all temporary releases of firm service, any

increase in Transporter's rates, charges and surcharges

shall remain the responsibility of the Releasing Shipper;

provided, however, that the Releasing Shipper may provide in

its Release Request for the rates, charges or surcharges for

released transportation rights to increase in accordance

with any such increases in Transporter's rates, charges and

surcharges. In any event, any refunds of any rates or

charges ordered by the FERC shall be paid by Transporter to

the Releasing Shipper.


(l) The Replacement Shipper's service under a release shall be

subject to and governed by this Tariff, the terms and

conditions of the Releasing Shipper's Service Contract and

governing rate schedule and, in the event of a temporary

release, shall also be subject to and governed by the

Released Transportation Service Contract.


(m) In the event that scheduling instructions, communications or

nominations ("Communications") from the Releasing Shipper

and Replacement Shipper are, in Transporter's sole opinion,

inconsistent or conflicting,