Enbridge Pipelines (AlaTenn) L. L. C.


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Effective Date: 10/11/2002, Docket: RP03- 40-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 101 Original Sheet No. 101 : Effective




pressure of thirty-three hundredths (.33) pounds per square inch

above an assumed atmospheric pressure of fourteen and four tenths

(14.4) pounds per square inch (fourteen and seventy-three

hundredths (14.73) pounds per square inch absolute).


1.9 The term "Mcf" shall mean 1,000 cubic feet of gas.


1.10 The term "British thermal unit" or "Btu" shall mean the amount of

heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water 1

degree Fahrenheit at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


1.11 The term "dekatherm" or "dth", shall mean the quantity of heat

energy which is 1,000,000 British thermal units.


1.12 The term "total heating value", when applied to a cubic foot of

gas, means the number of British thermal units produced by the

complete combustion with air, at a constant pressure, of one

anhydrous (dry) cubic foot of gas at a pressure of 14.73 psia and

a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit when the products of

combustion are cooled to the initial temperature of the gas and

air, and when the water formed by combustion is condensed to the

liquid state.


1.13 The term "load factor" for any given period of time shall mean the

percentage obtained by dividing the amount of the average daily

dth delivery of gas during said period by the contracted demand

during said period.


1.14 The term "contract demand", shall mean the quantity of natural gas

specified in such contract which Transporter obligates itself to

be ready to transport each billing day on behalf of Shipper, and

shall equal the sum of the MDQs at all Primary Delivery Points

under the contract.


1.15 The term "Maximum Daily Quantity," or "MDQ" where used herein or

in a gas transportation contract shall mean the maximum daily

quantity of natural gas that Transporter shall be obligated to

deliver to Shipper at a particular Delivery Point each billing day

or the maximum daily quantity of gas, exclusive of fuel and losses