Enbriidge Pipelines (Midla) L. L. C.

Third Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 10/11/2002, Docket: RP03- 39-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 84 Original Sheet No. 84 : Effective














(1) Parties agree that the gas delivered will be merchantable gas and

will upon delivery;


(a) be commercially free of objectionable substances, including

dust, solids, liquids, gums and gum forming constituents;


(b) not contain more than 200 grains of total sulphur or 10

grains of hydrogen sulphide, or 0.30 gallons of iso-pentane and

heavier hydrocarbons, per Mcf;


(c) not contain more than 3% by volume of carbon dioxide or of



(d) not contain more than 7 pounds of water per 1,000 Mcf;


(e) have a temperature of not more than 120oF.;


(f) have a gross heating value of not less than 950 Btu per cubic

foot, measured at an absolute pressure of 14.73 pounds per square

inch at 60oF. and saturated with water vapor.


(2) The sulphur content and hydrogen sulphide content shall be

determined by approved standard methods generally in use in the natural gas



The hydrocarbon content shall be determined by the method prescribed

by the Natural Gasoline Processors Association of America in NGPA

Publication 2261-72 or ASTM Publication D 1945-64 (1968), or any revisions

thereof, or by such other method as shall be mutually agreed upon.


The Btu content shall be determined by joint tests made by taking

samples of the gas and determining the Btu content by means of a method or

methods agreed upon. If a recording