Enbriidge Pipelines (Midla) L. L. C.

Third Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 10/11/2002, Docket: RP03- 39-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 35 Original Sheet No. 35 : Effective









party a quantity of gas at either of the delivery points herein

provided, and the other party will accept the redelivery of such

quantity as promptly as its own operating conditions will

reasonably permit but in any event in such a way that the excess is

balanced with the then applicable 12 months period. Return of the

gas by either party obligated to return such gas under this

Agreement shall be excused during the existence of any event of

force majeure affecting the performance of such obligations.


5. The unit of volume for all purposes of measurement hereunder shall

be one cubic foot of gas at a temperature of sixty (60) degrees

Fahrenheit and at a base pressure of fifteen and twenty-five

thousandths (15.025) pounds per square inch absolute. The gas

delivered hereunder shall be measured by orifice meters and the

volumes computed and adjustments made for the deviation of the gas

from Boyle's Law, all in accordance with the Gas Measurement

Committee, Report No. 3, Natural Gas Department, American Gas

Association, as reprinted January, 1956, and any and all

supplements thereto and modifications thereof now or hereafter

made. The atmospheric pressure shall be assumed to be constant at

fourteen and seven-tenths (14.7) pounds per square inch. The

specific gravity of the natural gas shall be determined at the

beginning of gas deliveries hereunder and at least once each

calendar quarter thereafter, on a day as near the end of the

calendar quarter as is practicable, or as many times during the

calendar quarter as each party desires. The result of each test so

made near the end of each calendar quarter shall be used for

computing the delivery during the succeeding calendar quarter. Any

special test which is made shall be applicable beginning on the day

next succeeding the day on which the test is run and will continue

in effect until the next test is made effective. The temperature

of the gas shall be determined by means of a recording thermometer

of standard manufacture acceptable to both parties and so installed

that it may properly record the