Elba Express Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-342-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 98 Original Sheet No. 98


COMPANY agrees to use, and incorporates herein by reference, NAESB's Model Trading Partner

Agreement for transacting business with parties who choose to use the electronic delivery

mechanism standards set forth in Section 4 of the NAESB Standards.


COMPANY agrees to accept and provide standardized data elements for EDI pursuant to

Version 1.8 of the NAESB Standards which are incorporated herein by reference. A copy of

COMPANY'S Implementation Guide for EDI transactions is available upon request.


COMPANY agrees to use, and incorporates herein by reference, NAESB's Funds Transfer Agent

Agreement pursuant to Version 1.8 to be used to supplement COMPANY's General Terms and

Conditions in order to appoint an agent for all transactions wherein there is a need for

instantaneous transfer of title of gas from a seller to buyer to buyer's repurchaser.


COMPANY agrees to use, and incorporates herein by reference, NAESB's Base Contract for

Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas as well as the Model Credit Support Addendum to the Base

Contract pursuant to Version 1.8 in order to facilitate purchase and sale transactions of

gas on a firm or interruptible basis.




30.1 Implementation of Operational Flow Orders:


In keeping with the intent expressed in Section 14 herein to minimize imbalances,

in Section 13.3 to use Operational Balancing Agreements to help manage imbalances,

and in Section 11 to maintain operational control of Receipt and Delivery Points to

the maximum extent practicable, COMPANY shall attempt to minimize the use of

Operational Flow Orders ("OFOs"), the declaration of critical periods, and the

direction of an OFO to the specific Party(s) creating the operating condition and

to the specific location of the system where the operating condition exists, and

COMPANY shall only take such measures to prevent the interruption of firm service

or to protect the physical or operational integrity of the system. Whenever

COMPANY notifies affected parties that an OFO or critical period exists on its

pipeline system under one of the provisions referenced below, such notice shall

describe the condition and the specific responses required from the affected

parties. COMPANY will release an OFO as soon as system conditions make such

release feasible and COMPANY will not wait until the start of a Gas Day if release

of the OFO is possible on an intraday basis. Each potential OFO condition set

forth below contains the amount of notice COMPANY is required to give prior to

implementing the OFO, if applicable, and Section 18 of these General Terms and

Conditions states the notification method applicable. COMPANY will not assess any

penalties under the provisions set forth below on an intraday basis, even if the

applicable notice becomes effective during the Gas Day.