Elba Express Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-342-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 92 Original Sheet No. 92


the Fuel retention, no less than seven calendar days before the beginning of the

month. The Fuel retention will be determined at COMPANY's discretion but no less

frequently than annually as follows:


(a) The historical GRO and LAUF will be adjusted for known operational changes

to determine projected system-wide GRO and LAUF. The sum of the projected

GRO and LAUF will be divided by total receipt quantities the preceding



(b) The effective GRO and LAUF accepted by the Commission shall be stated on

the Rate Sheets.


25.3 Fuel Deferred Account: COMPANY shall determine the monthly difference between (i)

total volumes actually received multiplied by the GRO and LAUF percentages and (ii)

the actual GRO and LAUF for the month (thus not taking into account actual recovery

of quantities for GRO and LAUF for this calculation, and COMPANY shall be at risk

for the under-recovery of such quantities due to any negotiated rates with GRO and

LAUF percentages that are lower than those stated in the tariff). The under- or

over-realization of in-kind compensation gas, based on this calculation, shall be

recorded as a debit or a credit, as the case may be, each month in the Fuel

Deferred Account. A monetary value shall be assigned to the volume debited or

credited utilizing the Index Price. The Fuel Deferred Account will accumulate in

twelve month periods between the required annual changes to the GRO and LAUF

percentages. The Fuel Deferred Account shall be credited each month (if the

balance is positive) or debited each month (if the balance is negative) with the

applicable interest due using the FERC interest rate in Section 154.501(d) of the

Commission's regulations.


25.4 Fuel Deferred Account True-up: With each annual filing required by this Section 25,

COMPANY shall calculate surcharges or refunds designed to adjust the Fuel Deferred

Account balance to zero. Each SHIPPER's surcharge or refund will be its pro rata

share of the balance based on total volumes for the year that the COMPANY received

on SHIPPER's behalf. SHIPPER's net debit or credit shall be due and payable sixty

Days after the Commission's acceptance of the annual filing.




26.1 Discounts of Reservation Charges and Surcharges


If COMPANY discounts the total rate applicable on a reservation basis under a

SHIPPER'S FTS Service Agreement, it will discount the components of such total rate

in the following order:


(1) any surcharge(s) applicable to the Demand Charge;


(2) Reservation Charge