Elba Express Company, L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-342-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 83 Original Sheet No. 83


(e) Prequalified Bidder Requirements:


(i) All parties desiring to bid on firm capacity offered

by a RELEASING SHIPPER must be prequalified by COMPANY

as creditworthy in order to be eligible to submit a

bid on an Offer of released capacity. Unless the

COMPANY agrees it has already determined the bidder to

be creditworthy or to have suitable credit on file

with COMPANY, the potential bidder must submit to

COMPANY the information set forth in Section

2.1(a)(ix) hereof to enable COMPANY to determine the

party's creditworthiness. A bidder's creditworthiness

shall be assessed on the same basis as a SHIPPER'S

creditworthiness under the terms of the Tariff

applicable to the capacity being offered. If the

potential bidder fails to demonstrate

creditworthiness, the bidder may still be prequalified

if it provides credit support as specified in Section

2.1(d) hereof.


If a party does not qualify as a prequalified bidder

pursuant to this Section 20.6(e), the party cannot bid



(ii) Prior to submitting a bid on a Temporary or Permanent

Release of capacity offered by a RELEASING SHIPPER,

the bidder must request and execute a Firm

Transportation Service Agreement in the form set forth

in this Tariff. A potential bidder shall request a

Service Agreement by submitting to COMPANY on SoNet

Premier a valid Request Form, in the format set forth

in Appendix A, as applicable, to these General Terms

and Conditions. The parties shall execute the Service

Agreement electronically through SoNet Premier,

followed by written execution as soon as possible

thereafter. The terms of each winning bid shall be

posted on SoNet Premier and emailed to the ACQUIRING

SHIPPER if the release is temporary or as an amendment

to the Service Agreement if the release is permanent.


(f) Bidding Procedures: All bids on a RELEASING SHIPPER'S Offer,

except as provided in Section 20.3(c) above, shall be

transmitted electronically to the COMPANY on SoNet Premier

in the standard form provided on SoNet Premier. The COMPANY

shall date and time stamp all bids as they are received.

The COMPANY shall post for viewing by other parties during

the bid period all bids received on a RELEASING SHIPPER'S

Offer, except for the names of the bidders. A separate bid

shall be submitted for each separate RELEASING SHIPPER'S

Offer on which a bidder wishes to bid. The price bid on any

Offer of capacity must be submitted on a reservation charge

(or, when applicable, Negotiated Rate) basis unless the

Offer states that bids on a volumetric rate basis are