Elba Express Company, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-342-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 80 Original Sheet No. 80


(vi) the amount(s) of capacity to be released and whether

bids for less than the full volume offered are

acceptable and, if so, whether the RELEASING SHIPPER

wants the full capacity awarded to multiple qualifying

bidders in the order of best bid;


(vii) the proposed effective date of the release, term of

the release and whether bids for less than the full

term offered are acceptable;


(viii) if capacity is to be released under Rate Schedule FTS,


a. the Delivery Points at which the capacity is to

be released and relevant Delivery Point Codes;


b. if the release is a Temporary Release and the

RELEASING SHIPPER indicates that it wishes to

restrict bids on specified Delivery Point

capacity to an upstream or downstream segment so

that the RELEASING SHIPPER may retain the

remaining capacity segment for its use, then

RELEASING SHIPPER must identify the segments

which are being offered ("Bid Zone"); provided

that the volume of the capacity released cannot

exceed the Releasing Shipper's original

Transportation Demand;


c. any Receipt Points at which capacity is offered

and relevant Receipt Point Codes;


d. if the release is not subject to recall, whether

the ACQUIRING SHIPPER is restricted from

changing the primary Receipt Points and Delivery

Points on the capacity being released to points

outside the capacity path.


(ix) whether the offer is subject to a Prearranged Bid and,

if so, the name of and DUNS number, if applicable, for

the Prearranged Bidder;


(x) any minimum reservation charge (inclusive of

reservation surcharges) or percentage thereof at which

the bids must begin, or whether the bids on the

reservation charge (inclusive of reservation

surcharges) should be submitted on a volumetric rate

basis; or, for releases that become effective on or

after July 30, 2008, any minimum reservation charge

requirement (inclusive of reservation surcharges) and,

if applicable, any maximum reservation charge

requirement (inclusive of reservation surcharges)

which is in excess of the maximum tariff rate for the

applicable service when the term of the proposed

release is one (1) year or less and when the release

date is to take effect on or before one (1) year from

the date on which COMPANY is notified of such release;