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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-342-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 48 Original Sheet No. 48


(h) Predetermined Priorities: On the nomination form, the

service requester shall provide a predetermined balancing

priority for all of the Delivery Points and associated

volumes nominated under the transportation Service Agreement

to be used by COMPANY to limit the deliveries under the

Service Agreement in the event of an interruption or

reduction in SHIPPER'S receipts of gas under the agreement.

On the nomination form, the service requester shall also

provide a predetermined priority for all of the Receipt

Points serving SHIPPER'S transportation Service Agreement to

be used by COMPANY to limit the receipts of gas under the

Service Agreement in the event of an interruption or

reduction in the deliveries under the agreement.


(i) Volumetric Capacity Release Nominations or recalls on an

intraday cycle:


On its nomination form for a Firm Transportation Service

Agreement, SHIPPER must indicate the offer number for each

nomination of volumetric capacity release or a release that

is recallable on an intraday nomination cycle so that

COMPANY can track and calculate the appropriate credit to

the Releasing Shipper.


(j) Package ID: A Package ID is a way to differentiate between

discrete business transactions. Use of the Package ID is at

the discretion of the service requester, and if sent, will

be accepted and processed by COMPANY. When used, Package

IDs shall be supported for nominating, scheduling, and

allocating, but not for transportation invoicing, unless

mutually agreeable.


(k) Posting of Capacity Constraints Affecting Nominations: On a

Day when COMPANY anticipates that requests for capacity for

the following Day of service will exceed the capacity of its

facilities, COMPANY shall post on SoNet Premier's Bulletin

Board by 7:00 a.m. two Days preceding the Day on which

service will commence the available capacity on the segments

of its pipeline system which COMPANY anticipates will be



(l) Segmenting of Capacity: SHIPPER may segment its own firm

transportation capacity through the nomination process or as

part of a capacity release under Section 20 below to the

extent operationally feasible.


(m) Segmentable Capacity: The maximum quantity of gas that may

be nominated on each segmented portion, or overlapping

segmented portions, of COMPANY'S pipeline system by the

original shipper or a combination of the Releasing and

Acquiring Shipper(s) shall not exceed the Transportation

Demand of the Service Agreement, including any Capacity

Release Transaction, under which the nominated service is

provided. For purposes of determining whether a segment has

been overlapped, nominations to the same Receipt or Delivery

Point, which do not overlap on the pipeline segment, shall

not be considered to overlap at the Receipt or Delivery

Point. The volumetric rates, fuel retention percentages and

charges, including any overrun charges if contract quantity

rights are exceeded because of an overlap or other

allocation of volumes in excess of contract quantity, shall

apply to the total quantity of gas transported on each

segment of the capacity. Once SHIPPER has segmented its

capacity, either for its own use or under a capacity

release, each segment shall be entitled to all secondary

points within that segment, subject to the availability of