K N Interstate Gas Transmission Co.

Second Revised Volume No. 1-A

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Effective Date: 11/01/1994, Docket: RP94-397-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 68 First Revised Sheet No. 68 : Superseded

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 68




5.2 MONTHLY BILL. Commencing for the month in which the NNS Agreement

is effective and each month thereafter, Transporter shall charge

and Shipper shall pay Transporter the sum of the following amounts:


a. RESERVATION RATE. For each Primary Path, the Reservation

Charge shall be the product of:


(1) The Maximum Reservation Rate by Primary Path, unless

otherwise agreed to in writing; and


(2) The MDDQ specified by Primary Receipt Point to Delivery

Point Path in Shipper's NNS Agreement.


b. COMMODITY CHARGE. The commodity rate multiplied by the volume

in MMBtu of gas delivered by Transporter during the month at

the Point(s) of Delivery.




(1) Authorized Overrun Charge. If on any day Transporter has

capacity available and Shipper desires to transport gas

exceeding the Maximum Daily Delivery Quantity total for

any rate zone, or in the aggregate exceeding the Maximum

Daily Transportation Quantity (by accepting nominations

in excess of these quantities) Transporter may authorize

delivery of the gas. Quantities of gas moved in excess

of the MDDQ total by rate zone or the MDTQ will be

subject to a charge equal to the authorized overrun rate

as shown on Sheet 4-D of this tariff.


(2) Unauthorized Overrun Charge. An overrun charge shall be

paid by Shipper for taking a daily quantity of gas which

was not nominated exceeding the Maximum Daily Delivery

Quantity (MDDQ) total for any rate zone, exceeding the

level to which deliveries have been curtailed, or in the

aggregate, exceeding the Maximum Daily Contract Quantity

(MDCQ). Quantities of overrun gas in excess of seven

percent (7%) or 50 MMBtu over the above quantities,

following a notice period of forty-eight (48) hours or

such shorter period as deemed necessary by Transporter to

protect its system integrity, will be subject to a charge

equal to the quantity in