Valero Interstate Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 11/01/1991, Docket: GT91- 42-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 33 Original Sheet No. 33 : Superseded




6. The Btu content of the gas will be determined by Interstate at

monthly intervals from gas samples obtained at the Point of Delivery

and deliveries for the first day of the month in which the test is made

and for all following days until that day on which a new sample is taken.


7. Buyer shall have access at all reasonable times to metering

equipment, including all other instruments used by Interstate in

determining the measurement and quality of the gas delivered hereunder,

but the reading, calibrating and adjusting thereof, and the changing of

charts, shall be done only by employees, agents, or representatives of

Interstate. Upon request by Buyer, Interstate shall submit to Buyer all

monthly charts from such metering equipment, subject to return by Buyer

within fifteen (15) days after the receipt thereof, after which the charts

shall be kept on file for a period of two (2) years for the mutual use of

all parties.


8. For measurement and meter calibration the atmospheric pressure shall

be assumed to be fourteen and sixty-five one hundredth (14.65) pounds per

square inch at the Falfurrias Delivery Point irrespective of variations in

natural atmospheric pressure from time to time.


9. If, upon any test, the metering equipment in the aggregate is found

to be inaccurate by one percent (1%) or more, registration thereof and any

payments based upon such registrations, shall be corrected at the rate of

such inaccuracy for any period of inaccuracy which is definitely known or

agreed upon, or if not known or agreed upon, then for a period extending

back one half of the time elapsed since the last day of calibration, not

exceeding, however, fifteen (15) days. Following any test, any metering

equipment found to be inaccurate to any degree shall be adjusted

immediately to measure accurately. If, for any reason, any meter is not

in service or is out of repair so that the quantity of gas so delivered

during the period the meter is out of service or out of repair shall be

estimated and agreed upon by the parties hereto upon the basis of the best

available data, using the first of the following methods which is feasible:


(a) By using the registration of any check measuring equipment of

Buyer, if installed and registering accurately;


(b) By correcting the error if the percentage of error is

ascertainable by calibration, test, or mathematical calculation; and


(c) By estimation the quantity of deliveries by deliveries during

preceding periods under similar conditions when the meter was registering