Sabine Pipe Line Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/31/1993, Docket: RS92- 78-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 236 Original Sheet No. 236 : Superseded


Subsection 6.8, shall be limited to the transportation

services confirmed and scheduled for such part or parts

of Sabine's System.


6.10 Notice of Curtailment


Sabine shall notify all affected Shippers as soon as

practical and in a manner that is reasonable under

existing conditions that a period of curtailment

exists. Such notice shall set forth any limits on

receipts or deliveries and the anticipated duration of

such curtailment period. Upon notice of curtailment,

Shipper shall adjust its receipts and/or deliveries of

gas as specified by Sabine and make such adjustments

within the time period specified by Sabine. Shipper

compliance shall be a change in gas flow to the level

specified by Sabine and will be evidenced by the

confirmation of a flow rate change with an Upstream or

Downstream Operator or the confirmation of the flow

rate change by Sabine. Failure by any Shipper to

adjust its receipts and/or deliveries within the time

period specified by Sabine will result in the

imposition of curtailment penalties assessed from the

time Sabine notified the Shipper. Although a

curtailment notice must result in an immediate change

in gas flow, no penalties shall be assessed unless

advance notice of curtailment is given at least forty-

eight (48) hours before the curtailment is required by

the order or Shipper does not initiate reasonable

efforts to adjust the receipt and/or delivery of gas as

required in the curtailment notice and order upon the

receipt of such notice.


6.11 Curtailment Penalties


All gas received for the account of Shipper or

delivered for the account of Shipper after notification

of a curtailment and order given pursuant to Subsection

6.7 which deviates from the quantities set by Sabine in

the notice of curtailment shall be assessed a penalty

of $10.00 per MMBtu. The imposition of a curtailment

penalty will not relieve a Shipper from its obligations

to resolve any imbalance created during a period of