Sabine Pipe Line Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/31/1993, Docket: RS92- 78-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 230 Original Sheet No. 230 : Superseded



6.2 Confirmation of Nominated Quantities


Nominations made in accordance with this Section 5 of

the General Terms and Conditions shall not be effective

until Sabine has confirmed the nominated receipts with

Upstream Operators and the nominated deliveries with

Downstream Operators. Shipper shall advise Sabine of

the appropriate contact persons with Upstream and

Downstream Operators who have the authority to verify

and confirm nominated gas quantities. Prior to

scheduling nominated quantities for transportation

service requested by Shippers, Sabine will contact the

appropriate Operators at the designated Receipt and

Delivery Points in order to confirm the nominated

quantities. Sabine may reject, in whole or in part,

any nominated quantities where the daily quantities of

gas Shipper desires to be transported, the upstream

shipper name(s) and contract number(s), or the

downstream shipper name(s) and contract number(s) fail

to conform with the information provided by the

designated Operators at the Receipt and Delivery

Points. If all information conforms except for the

daily quantities of gas Shipper desires to have Sabine

receive or deliver, Sabine shall schedule and confirm

the nomination at the lower of the daily quantities

nominated by Shipper to Sabine and the daily quantities

the Operators can confirm for scheduling at the

designated Receipt and Delivery Points. Sabine will

provide notification, either in writing, which may be a

telefax, or through posting on its electronic bulletin

board, of the Shipper's confirmed transportation

quantities. Shipper shall be responsible for informing

its upstream and downstream parties of any differences

between confirmed quantities and nominated quantities.



6.3 Scheduling Daily Nominated Quantities


Promptly upon the close of the nomination deadline for

each day, Sabine shall evaluate all timely daily

nominations and the anticipated available capacity of

Sabine's System. Sabine shall schedule nominated

quantities of gas to the extent capacity is available

in accordance with Subsection 6.1 and to the extent