Raton Gas Transmission Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/1994, Docket: CP93-748-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 10 Original Sheet No. 10 : Superseded






2.1 General - The gas delivered to Shipper by Transporter

shall be commercial in quality and condition. It shall

not contain more than one grain of hydrogen sulphide nor

more than 20 grains of total sulphur per cubic foot at

the pressure and temperature bases provided in Section 3



2.2 Specific Gravity - The gas delivered by Transporter to

Shipper shall not have a specific gravity greater than

0.77 or less than 0.625 when compared with dry air at the

same temperature and pressure, air being taken as 1.0;

provided, however, the specific gravity may vary beyond

such limits if approved by Shipper.


2.3 Heating Value - Transporter warrants that all gas

delivered will have a Gross Heating Value of not more

than 1,235 Btu's nor less than 968 Btu's per cubic foot

at a pressure of 14.65 p.s.i.a. Gross Heating Values

shall be determined based on the values determined by

Colorado Interstate Gas Company at the Trinidad,

Colorado, delivery point.




3.1 Unit of Measurement - The unit of measurement shall be

one Dekatherm (1 Dth). One dekatherm shall be that volume

of gas, at a pressure base of 14.65 p.s.i.a. and a

temperature of 60 degrees Farenheit, which is the

equivalent of 1,000,000 British Thermal Units.


3.2 Measurement Facilities - Unless otherwise agreed, gas

delivered hereunder shall be measured by orifice meters

to be installed and operated by Transporter at each point

of Delivery. Said orifice meters shall be operated in

accordance with the specifications of AGA Report No. 3,

including appendices, revisions and amendments thereto.


3.3 Orifice Meter Computations - The units of gas measured

shall be computed in accordance with the specifications

prescribed in said AGA Report No. 3. Unless otherwise

stated, the average atmospheric pressure at each point of

delivery shall be determined by the measuring party.