Distrigas of Massachusetts Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/17/1988, Docket: GT94- 26-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 128 Original Sheet No. 128 : Superseded





4. Points of Delivery.


The point or points at which vaporized LNG is to be

delivered by DOMAC to Boston Gas hereunder shall be at the

receiving pipe flange of Boston Gas' system at the existing point

of interconnection at DOMAC's Everett facility or such other

point(s) as Boston Gas and DOMAC may mutually agree.


The point at which LNG by truck is to be delivered by

DOMAC to Boston Gas hereunder shall be the flange of DOMAC's

truck loading lines. Boston Gas and DOMAC shall mutually agree

upon other methods or points of delivery.


5. Rate.


Boston Gas shall pay DOMAC the rate of $0.160 per MMBtu

per month of Storage Service Quantity.


6. Boil-Off.


Boil-off associated with Boston Gas' storage quantities

shall be subject to the terms of a separate Service Agreement

between DOMAC and Boston Gas.


7. Storage Input.


a. In the event of a supply interruption

affecting LNG supplies at DOMAC's Everett LNG terminal, DOMAC

agrees to receive volumes of LNG delivered by truck for Boston

Gas' account at DOMAC's terminal and to place such volumes as

requested by Boston Gas into Boston Gas' available storage space.


b. Maximum Daily Truck Unloadings: 12 trucks

(equivalent to 9,700 MMBtu, more or less) for each of DOMAC's two

tanks, with a maximum of 24 trucks per day (equivalent of 19,400

MMBtu, more or less) if both tanks are available for use in