Distrigas of Massachusetts Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/17/1988, Docket: GT94- 26-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 100 Original Sheet No. 100 : Superseded






3.1 The quality of the LNG delivered in liquid form shall be in

accordance with the specifications contained in the General

Terms and Conditions of Seller's FERC Tariff. (For vapor

deliveries, the quality specifications shall be as contained in

the FERC Tariff(s) of the Transporting Pipeline(s) making

deliveries of gas to the Point(s) of Delivery.]







4.1 Liquid Delivery Conditions. Subject to receipt of forty

-eight (48) hours' notice from Buyer, Seller shall deliver under

the following conditions:


4.1.1 Trucks or trailers arriving at Seller's Terminal to

receive LNG shall comply with the following conditions:


(a) Minimum capacity of 6,000 gallons.


(b) Maximum pressure at time of loading of 15 psig.


(c) Precooled to at least 240øF.


(d) Previous cargo shall have been LNG, or documentation

shall be provided certifying that inert purge followed by

precooling with LNG has been carried out.


(e) Safe operating conditions, including the

requirements of all applicable Federal, state and local laws and

regulations. Seller has the right to refuse to load any trucks

or trailers not meeting all of the above conditions. At