Distrigas of Massachusetts Corporation

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/01/1996, Docket: RP96-274-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 37 Second Revised Sheet No. 37 : Superseded




Nitrogen (N2) between 0 and 6.00

Methane (C1) above 85.65

Ethane (C2) between 0 and 12.00

Propane (C3) between 0 and 3.00

Isobutane (ic4) between 0 and 0.52

Normal butane (nC4) between 0 and 0.70

Pentane and higher (C5+) between 0 and 0.23




- an amount of H2S not exceeding 5.75 mg/Nm3


- an amount of mercaptan sulfur not exceeding


- an amount of total sulfur not exceeding 30 mg/Nm3.


2.1.2 Seller shall odorize all vaporized LNG

Terminal at an average level of 0.5 lb. of odorant per

thousand MMBTU. However, during any 30 minute period,

odorization shall average no less than 0.25 lb. of

odorant per thousand MMBTU and no more than 0.75 lb.

of odorant per thousand MMBTU. The odorant to be

used by Seller will be Captan 21 or other such odorant

as may be agreed by Seller and the Boston Gas Company.


2.2 Determination of Gross Heating Value of Vaporized LNG


Seller shall continuously record the gross heating

systems. A Cutler-Hammer calorimeter or equally

per day so delivered shall be calculated by taking

heating values in BTU's per standard cubic foot

recorded on each day that vaporized LNG is delivered

for Buyer's account, converted to a