NorAm Gas Transmission Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/1995, Docket: RP94-343-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 178 Original Sheet No. 178 : Superseded







of charts, shall be done only by the primary

measuring party or its representative and in

accordance with good engineering practice as often as

found necessary in operation. The non-measuring

party shall have access to the primary measuring

party's equipment at any reasonable time. Subject to

the limitations of Section 3.4, upon the non-

measuring party's request, the measuring party shall

promptly verify the accuracy of any particular meter

or other equipment, the cost of such special test, or

any other test or adjustment requested by the non-

measuring party and agreed to by the measuring party,

to be borne by the non-measuring party, unless the

percentage of inaccuracy exceeds two percent (2%).

If upon any test the total inaccuracy from meter or

auxiliary equipment error exceeds two percent (2%),

previous readings shall be corrected but not beyond

the close of the preceding Month. If the total

inaccuracy is not more than two percent (2%),

previous readings shall be considered correct, but

immediately following the test the equipment shall be

adjusted, if necessary, to read accurately. If any

meter or auxiliary equipment is out of service or

repair or registering inaccurately for a period of

time so that the amount of Gas cannot be computed

from the reading thereof, the Gas delivered during

such period shall be estimated on the basis of the

first of the following methods feasible in

Transporter's reasonable judgment: (a) correct the

error if the percentage of error is ascertainable by

calibration, test or mathematical calculation; (b)

use the registration of any check equipment installed

and accurately registering; or (c) estimate the

volume on the basis of deliveries during preceding or

subsequent periods under similar conditions when the

equipment was registering accurately.


3.6 Title in Facility. Title to all facilities and

equipment placed by Transporter on Shipper's

(including its designees) premises or on premises of

others pursuant to rights or licenses held by Shipper

shall remain in Transporter, with the unqualified

right of removal, and no charge shall be made for use

of the premises occupied by same. Shipper shall

ensure that Transporter has reasonable access to all