NorAm Gas Transmission Company

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/1995, Docket: RP94-343-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 175 Original Sheet No. 175 : Superseded







Report No. 3 ANSI/API 2530, as amended from time

to time, unless otherwise agreed.


(e) The Gross Heating Value shall be determined by

using a suitably located and reasonably

acceptable calorimeter or calculation from

fractional analysis by an acceptable

chromatograph, according to the methods outlined

in the AGA Measurement Committee Report No. 5,

as amended from time to time, unless otherwise

agreed. The Gross Heating Value so determined

shall be corrected from the conditions of

testing to that of the actual condition of the

Gas as delivered (including the conversion from

saturated to dry conditions) expressed in Btu

per cubic foot and reported at a pressure base

of 14.73 psia; provided, however, if the Gas as

delivered contains seven (7) pounds of water or

less per one million (1,000,000) cubic feet,

such Gas shall be assumed to have zero (0)

pounds of water per one million (1,000,000)

cubic feet (dry Gas).


2.4 Examination of Records. Upon request, the measuring

party shall make its measurement charts and records

available to the other party for examination, the

same to be returned within twenty (20) Days;

provided, however, that the measuring party shall not

be required to provide any such records or charts

more often than once in any three (3) month period.

Transporter's charts and records for a given Service

Month shall be conclusively presumed correct if no

written objection thereto is served on Transporter

within twelve (12) Months following the given Service

Month. Records will be retained for a period of two





3.1 Installation and Operation of Measuring Facilities.

Transporter shall have the right to install, own,

operate, modify and maintain measuring facilities

used for purposes of measuring the Gas received and

delivered by Transporter at any Point of Receipt or

Delivery. All other measuring facilities installed