Alabama-Tennessee Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-165-004, Status: Effective

1st Sub. Fourth Revised Sheet No. 101 1st Sub. Fourth Revised Sheet No. 101 : Superseded




(ii)If the Releasing Shipper specified an alternate bid

evaluation methodology in its Release Request, then

within 24 hours after the close of the Bidding period,

Transporter shall notify any Prearranged Bidder of any

competing bid that has a value determined in accord

with Section 3.13 which is higher than that of the bid

by the Prearranged Bidder. The Prearranged Bidder

shall have eight (8) hours following such notification

to match such higher bid for a Release Request. If a

Prearranged Bidder was not specified in the Release

Request, then Transporter shall notify the winning

bidder(s) within 24 hours after the close of the Bidder



(d) Transporter or the capacity release facilitator should

post offers and bids, including prearranged deals, upon

receipt, unless Releasing Shipper requests otherwise.

If a Releasing Shipper requests a posting time,

Transporter or the capacity release facilitator should

support such request insofar as it comports with the

standard time line set forth in Gas Industry Standards

Board Standard 5.3.2


(e) The deadlines set forth in sections 3.14 (a), (b) and

(c) above are only applicable if (i) all the

information provided by the parties to the transaction

is valid, (ii) the Replacement Shipper has been

determined to be creditworthy before the capacity

release bid is tendered to Transporter, and (iii) there

are no special terms or conditions of the release which

would serve to delay the award of the capacity.


(f) With respect to a Transportation Contract which had an

initial term of one-year or more, which will expire

within one (1) year (i.e., the Transportation

Contract(s) can not be extended for any reason),

Transporter shall post the capacity under such

Contract(s) on its EBB for a Bidding Period, which

shall be for a minimum of fourteen days. If

Transporter receives no bids for such capacity during

the Bidding Period, then the provisions of Section

3.14(e)(ii) below shall apply. If