Alabama-Tennessee Natural Gas Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1997, Docket: RP97-165-003, Status: Effective

Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 93 Sub. Second Revised Sheet No. 93 : Superseded




capacity in the form included beginning at Tariff

Sheet No. 221 incorporating the information as

shown on the Release Request submitted by

Shipper; and


(z) the Prearranged Replacement Shipper meets

Transporter's creditworthiness standards as set

forth in the applicable Rate Schedule; and


dd) in the instance of a permanent release, prior to

commencement of service:


(y) the Releasing Shipper and Transporter enter

into an agreement terminating the Releasing

Shipper's Transportation Service Contract for the

capacity which is to be released; and


(z) the Prearranged Replacement Shipper and

Transporter enter into a new Transportation

Service Contract in the form included beginning

at Tariff Sheet No. 168 for the released



ii) Releasing Shipper shall post the terms of a

release under this Section 3.10(b) on

Transporter's EBB System no later than forty-

eight (48) hours after the commencement of the

release transaction.


3.11 Posting of Release Requests and Acquisition Requests


(a) Releasing Shipper shall post all applicable information

required by Section 3.8 on Transporter's EBB system.

Once a capacity release request is posted on

Transportor's EBB system, such offer to release shall

be binding until written or electronic notice of

withdrawal is received by Transporter or the capacity

release service provider. Transporter will assign an

individual release number to such Release Request. The

individual release number will be used as a tie-breaker

in the case where more than one Replacement Shipper

desires to release capacity for which Replacement

Shipper(s) have submitted non-specific bids. The

period of time for the posting of the information

("Posting Period") and the period of time during which

bids will be received on such Release Request ("Bidding

Period") shall be as set forth in Section 3.14.