Stingray Pipeline Company

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1993, Docket: GT94- 53-000, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 105 Substitute Original Sheet No. 105 : Superseded








(a) Any interstate pipeline company which holds capacity on

Stingray under any firm transportation Agreement which will continue

in effect beyond December 1, 1993 may assign all or any portion of

that capacity to its existing customers subject to the remainder of

this Section 2.


(b) An assignment pursuant to this Section shall not be

valid unless and until the following prerequisites are satisfied:


(1) The proposed assignment meets all of the

requirements of Stingray's Tariff for service under the applicable

Rate Schedule including, but not limited to, the credit

requirements; and


(2) The proposed assignee has executed an Agreement

directly with Stingray under the Rate Schedule FTS.


(c) Unless otherwise agreed by Stingray, the Firm Receipt

and Delivery Point(s) under the Agreement with the assignee must be

the same as under the Agreement being assigned and the Agreement

term must be for a period at least as long as the remaining term of

the Agreement being assigned.


(d) Any assignment of firm capacity shall be effective the

later of the date specified in the assigning interstate pipeline's

effective tariff sheets implementing the assignment procedures, or

the date on which the prerequisites under subsection (b) hereof are

satisfied, or the date specified in the Agreement executed by the

assignee with Stingray.


(e) The assigning interstate pipeline shall remain liable

for the payment of the demand/reservation charges applicable to the

assignee through the original term of the assignor's Agreement under

Rate Schedule FTS in the event the assignee fails to timely make

payment of such charges, except where Stingray's loan agreement

permits Stingray to release the assignor from such liability.