Pinnacle Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 10/08/2003, Docket: RP04-102-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 154 Original Sheet No. 154 : Effective



(d) Any applicable restrictions; and


(e) The last day of the ROFR Bidding Period.


Transporter may require bidders to insure that

offers are bona fide by providing financial

assurances satisfactory to Transporter.


A Shipper's ROFR rights apply only when the

Shipper is seeking to contract for its entire

geographic historical Transportation Quantity,

however a Shipper may elect to retain a portion

of its Transportation Quantity subject to ROFR

rights, in which case Transporter's pregranted

abandonment authority would apply to the

remainder of the service.


22.2 Upon conclusion of the ROFR Bidding Period,

Transporter shall evaluate the bids in accordance

with the procedures set forth in section 20,

provided that the term used for purposes of the

formula will be the lesser of the term proposed

by the bidder or five years; and provided further

that any bid rate higher than the maximum

applicable recourse rate shall be deemed to be

equal to the maximum applicable recourse rate.

Transporter shall not be required to accept any

bid at less than Transporter's maximum applicable

recourse rate.


22.3 If Transporter receives no bids, or if

Transporter receives no bids at its maximum

applicable recourse rate and Transporter

determines not to accept any bids below the

maximum applicable recourse rate, Transporter

shall notify Shipper of the bid having the

highest value to Transporter ("Highest Bid"), or

that no bids were received. If Transporter

receives a bid at its maximum applicable recourse

rate, or if it accepts any bid below the maximum

applicable recourse rate, Transporter shall,

within five days of the close of the ROFR Bidding

Period, inform Shipper of the offer to purchase

capacity solicited pursuant to section 20 herein

that Transporter intends to accept. Shipper

shall have twenty-five (25) days after receiving

notice to notify Transporter as to whether it

will match the Highest Bid in terms of price,