Pinnacle Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 10/08/2003, Docket: RP04-102-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 147 Original Sheet No. 147 : Effective



Releasing Shipper in accordance with

Section 9 herein.


20.10 Offers to Purchase Firm Capacity


Transporter agrees to post on its Web Site, at a

party's request, offers to purchase firm capacity

on a permanent or temporary basis. Each offer

will remain on the Web Site for five (5) Business

Days before it is removed, unless the requesting

party notifies Transporter prior to the

expiration of any five (5) Day period that it

wishes to extend the posting for an additional

five (5) Business Days.


20.11 Assignment and Delegation.


Except as otherwise provided for in this section,

Transporter shall not assign its rights or

delegate any of its duties under a Transportation

Agreement as may exist between Transporter and

Shipper without the prior written consent of

Shipper, which consent shall not be unreasonably

withheld, and any attempted assignment or

delegation by Transporter without the prior

written consent of Shipper shall be void;

provided, however, that Transporter may, upon

reasonable notice to Shipper, assign its rights

or delegate its duties under such Agreement, in

whole or in part, to any Affiliate of Transporter

or any subsequent purchaser(s) of the Pipeline

facilities, including a pipeline expansion, used

for the Tariff or any subsequent purchaser of all

or substantially all of Transporter's assets,

without the necessity of obtaining consent from

Shipper. Unless a release is consented to by

Shipper, no assignment by Transporter shall

relieve Transporter of its duties and obligations

under such Agreement, and it shall remain

principally liable to Shipper for the performance

thereof. Likewise, prior written consent shall

not be required to employ third parties to

perform services incidental to the performance of

any Agreement, but no such employment shall

relieve Transporter of its ultimate

responsibility to perform the Agreement.