Ozark Gas Transmission System

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1997, Docket: RP97-357-001, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 164 Substitute Original Sheet No. 164 : Superseded



5.3 Ozark makes no warranties whatsoever with respect to

the validity of title being transferred by any party

utilizing its transmission system and hereby expressly

states that it will not assume any obligation to

determine the validity of any title transfer, nor will

it otherwise perform any function related to the

transfer of title except to track for accounting

purposes transfers made pursuant to nominations and

confirmation provided by Transfer Customers and those

to whom they transfer title or from whom they receive

title transfers. It shall be totally the

responsibility of the Transfer Customer and those to

whom or from whom it transfers title to resolve

disputes over the validity of title being transferred.


5.4 The General Terms and Conditions of Ozark's FERC Gas

Tariff are applicable to this Agreement.


5.5 Other Miscellaneous


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed

this Agreement as Of the day and year first written above.





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