Ozark Gas Transmission System

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/03/1991, Docket: RP91-208-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 119 Original Sheet No. 119 : Superseded



transport and deliver for the account of Shipper

an Equivalent Quantity of natural gas at the

Point(s) of Delivery; provided, however,

Transporter shall not be obligated to deliver at

any Point(s) of Delivery on any day a quantity of

natural gas in excess of the applicable MDQ; nor

shall Transporter be obligated to deliver at all

Points of Delivery a cumulative quantity of gas

in excess of the applicable MDQ.


2.2 Transporter shall make available for service

hereunder any capacity which, at any time, it has

available on an interruptible basis throughout

the year (or any portion of the year to which

service is limited under the ITS Agreement).


(a) Relative Priority of Service -- Service

hereunder shall be subject to and

subordinate in all respects to Transporter's

firm transportation services. Nothing

herein shall require Transporter to

interrupt or curtail any service hereunder,

if such interruption or curtailment would

either not alleviate or would exacerbate

interruption or curtailment of an equivalent

or higher priority service.


2.3 Allocation of Limited Capacity. If, (a) on any

day, Transporter determines that the capacity of

its system, or any portion thereof, including the

points at which gas is tendered for trans-

portation, is insufficient to serve all transpor-

tation requirements which are otherwise scheduled

to receive service on any such day, or (b)

subject to the provisions of Section 5.1 of this

ITS Rate Schedule, Transporter receives in a

given month nominations at any Point(s) of

Receipt in excess of the capacity available at

such Point(s) of Receipt during that month,