Trunkline LNG Company

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Effective Date: 12/01/1989, Docket: CP87-418-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 69 Original Sheet No. 69 : Effective





accommodate to the extent permitted by operating conditions and

requirements. Pan National shall also comply with reasonable

requests of TLC for available information as to the levels and

timing of future service anticipated to be required hereunder.

11.3 On a regular basis Pan National and TLC shall consult

and inform the other promptly concerning events or conditions

which may materially affect the operation of this Agreement,

including agreements, executed or in progress, to sell LNG to

be regasified hereunder, efforts as to resumption of the LNG

Contract, terminal capacity used and available, and scheduled

repairs or maintenance of TLC's facilities.



Measurements and Tests for Delivery of LNG

12.1 (a) The volume of cubic meters of LNG delivered at

the Discharge Point pursuant to this Agreement shall be

measured in metric units by gauging of the liquid in the tanks

of the LNG tanker. TLC shall cause the first gauging to be

made after the Captain of the LNG tanker has given his notice

of "ready to discharge", and prior to starting the unloading

pumps. A second gauging operation shall take place immediately

after completion of unloading. Representatives of Pan National

and TLC shall have the right to be present at such gaugings.

(b) Pan National shall send or cause to be sent to

TLC a certified copy of the gauging standards for each tank of

each LNG tanker being used to deliver hereunder, in metric