Trunkline Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/1999, Docket: RP99-137-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 217 Second Revised Sheet No. 217 : Effective

Superseding: Sub First Revised Sheet No. 217







Surcharge, the Surcharge shall be assessed each month based on

actual throughput for each prior month of service until a twelve

(12) month history is established.


20.3 Filing Procedure


The initial GRI Surcharge or any subsequent changes in such

surcharge shall be filed by Trunkline at least thirty (30) days

prior to the proposed effective date. The proposed effective date

of filings pursuant to this Section 20 shall be the effective date

prescribed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Any such

filing shall not become effective unless it becomes effective

without suspension or refund obligation.


20.4 Remittance to GRI


Trunkline shall remit to GRI, not later than fifteen (15) days

after the receipt thereof, all monies actually collected and

received by virtue of the GRI Surcharge and the voluntary

contribution mechanism, less any amounts properly payable to a

Federal, state or local authority relating to the monies received

hereunder. In no event will Trunkline be required to remit to GRI

amounts not actually collected under this Section 20. For the

amounts received through the voluntary contribution mechanism,

Trunkline shall indicate to GRI the amounts applicable to specific

projects and project areas, if so indicated by Shipper.


20.5 Payment by Customer


The amount of applicable Shipper's GRI Surcharge shall be due and

payable with the monthly billing in accordance with Section 16



20.6 Flowthrough of Refunds from GRI


To the extent Trunkline receives remittances from GRI because

(1) Trunkline has exceeded 105% of its target level, or (2) GRI

has met its current year cash requirement, Trunkline will, in

turn, flowback such amounts to its non-discounted firm customers

in accordance with the Stipulation and Agreement previously

described in Section 20.1 herein.