Trunkline Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 25-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 73 Original Sheet No. 73 : Effective








This Rate Schedule ISS is available to any party

(hereinafter called Shipper) that has requested

interruptible Storage service pursuant to Section 2 of the

General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff and, after

review and acceptance of such request by Trunkline, has

executed a Service Agreement with Trunkline for service

under this Rate Schedule ISS. Such Service Agreement shall

be in the form contained in Trunkline's FERC Gas Tariff,

First Revised Volume No. 1, of which this Rate Schedule ISS

is a part.


Shipper shall arrange separately with Trunkline or others as

necessary for any Transportation attendant to the Storage

service provided hereunder and Shipper shall pay separately

for such Transportation services.




2.1 The interruptible service provided hereunder is the

Storage of Natural Gas up to the Maximum Contract

Storage Capacity (MCSC) set forth in the Service

Agreement, subject to the availability of capacity, the

General Terms and Conditions and the further provisions

of the Service Agreement. Trunkline is not obligated

to provide any Storage service for which capacity is

not available or which would require the construction

or acquisition of new facilities or the modification or

expansion of existing facilities.


2.2 The service provided hereunder consists of the

injection of Shipper's Gas into storage, Storage in

Trunkline's Epps Storage Field, and the subsequent

withdrawal from storage of Shipper's Gas, all on an

interruptible basis throughout the year. Maximum Daily

Withdrawal Quantities (MDWQ) and Maximum Daily

Injection Quantities (MDIQ) shall be as stated in the

Service Agreement.