Trunkline Gas Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/09/1997, Docket: RP97-186-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 45B First Revised Sheet No. 45B : Effective

Superseding: Sub Original Sheet No. 45B






In addition to the otherwise applicable charges set forth for

monthly service on the effective Tariff Sheet No. 8 for

November through March, a Shipper electing CRPþ will be

allowed to pay up to 80% of the Reservation Charges due for

the period April through October in the preceding November

through March period. CRPþ elections which specify the

portion of the April through October Reservation Charges to

be paid during the preceding November through March period

will be due by October 1 of each year to be effective

November 1. Revised CRPþ elections will be allowed up to the

fifteenth Business Day preceding the Month of Gas flow, for

prospective application only, so long as the Shipper's total

annual obligations for Reservation Charges during the 12

month CRPþ Period are not affected by such revisions and

provided that such revisions do not result in the Reservation

Charge for any month during the April through October period

exceeding the charge which would have been applicable had the

CRPþ election not been made.


(C) Maximum CRPþ reservation rates for each Shipper shall be

reflected on effective Tariff Sheet No. 18.


(D) The usage rates set forth on effective Tariff Sheet No. 8

shall not be affected by the provisions of this Section 3.9.


3.10 Negotiated Rates


Shipper and Trunkline may agree, on a prospective basis, to a

Negotiated Rate with respect to the charges identified in Sections

3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 herein which may be less than, equal to or

greater than the Maximum Rate; shall not be less than the Minimum

Rate; may be based on a rate design other than straight fixed

variable; and may include a minimum quantity. Such Negotiated

Rate shall be set forth on Exhibit C of the executed Service

Agreement and on the currently effective Tariff Sheet No. 19. The

Maximum Rate is available to any Shipper that does not choose a

Negotiated Rate.


Shippers paying a Negotiated Rate which exceeds the Maximum Rate

will be considered to be paying the Maximum Rate for purposes of

scheduling, curtailment and interruption, calculating the economic

value of a request for unsubscribed firm capacity, and matching

competing bids for the right of first refusal. Replacement

Shippers may not bid or pay a rate greater than the Maximum Rate

and are not eligible for Negotiated Rates.