Transwestern Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1998, Docket: RP99- 32-001, Status: Effective

Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 81E Substitute Third Revised Sheet No. 81E : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 81E




22.5 Intra-day Nominations


A. For services that provide for intra-day nominations and scheduling, there is no

limitation as to the number of intra-day nominations (line items as per GISB

Standard 1.2.1) which a service requester may submit at any one standard

nomination cycle or in total across all standard nomination cycles.

Transportation Service Providers may (for an interim period expiring on

April 1, 1999) limit Service Requesters to one transmittal of nominations per

standard intra-day nomination cycle, (excluding corrections of errors identified

in the Quick Response). Such nominations must be submitted on a currently

existing transportation agreement.


B. Shipper shall have ability to nominate on a intra-day basis on Transporter's

system under the following conditions:


1) Intra-day nominations may be used to request an increase or

decrease in scheduled volumes or a change in receipt or delivery points,

consistent with Shipper's Service Agreement. A nomination reduction shall

not result in a revised nomination which is less than the volume of gas

received or delivered on behalf of such Shipper by Transporter on that gas



2) Shipper must obtain prior confirmation from all affected upstream

and downstream Operators.


3) Intra-day nominations will be scheduled only if operationally



4) Intra-day nominations do not rollover and are applicable to one (1)

day only.


5) Intra-day nominations may be used to nominate new supply or market.


C. In order to nominate on a intra-day basis, Shipper must submit to Transporter

the information required in Section 22.1. In addition, intra-day nominations

should include an effective time.


D. Firm intra-day nominations are entitled to bump scheduled interruptible service

only during the Evening and Intraday 1 Nomination cycles. Transwestern will

provide advance notice of bumping to interruptible shippers, and shall also notify

interruptible shippers whether penalties will apply on the day volumes are

reduced. Such notice will be provided in the same manner in which Transwestern

provides notice of Operational Flow Orders. Penalties related to the bumped

volume will be waived if notice has not been provided. Transwestern will provide

notification of bumped volumes through the scheduled quantities statement.

Transwestern will also electronically communicate notice directly to bumped

Shippers in accordance with the grid-wide timeline for scheduled quantities.

During non-critical periods, daily penalties will be waived for bumped volumes on

the day of the bump.