Transwestern Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/01/1990, Docket: RP91- 15-000, Status: Effective

1st Revised Sheet No. 39B 1st Revised Sheet No. 39B : Superseded

Superseding: Substitute Original Sheet No. 39B





Interruptible Sales




(ii) Requests for extension of the term of an IS-1 Service Agreement

pursuant to an evergreen provision contained thereunder shall not

affect the Priority Date of such Service Agreement.


Seller shall schedule all interruptible sales quantities in accordance

with the following priorities:



1) Interruptible sales within contract quantities shall be scheduled

on a first-come, first-served basis, based upon the Priority



2) Seller shall not interrupt under this rate schedule, for the

remainder of any calendar month, a Buyer that purchases gas in

order to schedule and provide service to another Buyer under Rate

Schedule IS-1 with a higher Priority Date for interruptible

service as defined above. As used herein, the term "purchased

gas" shall mean:


i. volumes scheduled and sold the previous day; or


ii. volumes considered purchased for a previous gas day and

nominated for the ensuing gas day(s), but not scheduled as a

result of Seller's operational considerations. To the extent

a Buyer fails to nominate such purchased gas on the

subsequent day, the Buyer will lose such purchased gas

protection. Buyer may not carry-over purchased gas

protection from one month to another.