Transwestern Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/1991, Docket: MT88- 26-006, Status: Effective

4th Revised Sheet No. 34G 4th Revised Sheet No. 34G : Superseded

Superseding: 3rd Revised Sheet No. 34G







Interruptible Transportation Service




16.3 Procedures Regarding Complaints


A. For purposes of FERC Order Nos. 497, et seq., all oral and

written complaints should be directed to:


Transwestern Pipeline Company

P. O. Box 1188

Houston, TX 77251-1188

Attn: Rockford G. Meyer, Assistant General Counsel

Phone: (713) 853-5912


The complaint must be specific to a particular event(s),

i.e., allocation of capacity, pending requests, etc. If the

complaint is vague and does not address a specific event(s),

complainant will be asked to provide further details.


B. Seller will log the complaint and identify the following

items on the log:


1. Name of complainant.

2. Date complaint received by Seller.

3. Specific subject of complaint.


C. The recipient of the complaint will contact the appropriate

person for further review/resolution. Seller will initially

respond to complainant within 48 hours of the complaint.

Seller will respond in writing to the complainant within 30

days of the complaint. The response shall indicate the

validity of the complaint and what corrective actions, if

any, should be taken.


D. The complaint log will be updated to reflect that the

responses have been issued.


16.4 Communication of Pricing and Capacity Information


Seller has established and shall maintain an electronic

bulletin board to comply with the Order Nos. 497, et seq.,

requirement of contemporaneous communication of certain

information covered by Order Nos. 497, et seq., to all