Transwestern Pipeline Company

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/1995, Docket: RP95-271-001, Status: Effective

9th Revised Sheet No. 28 9th Revised Sheet No. 28 : Effective

Superseding: 8th Revised Sheet No. 28


Interruptible Transportation Service




This Rate Schedule is available for transportation service by Transwestern

Pipeline Company (Transporter) for any Shipper, where Shipper has entered

into an ITS-1 Service Agreement of the form contained in Transporter's

FERC Gas Tariff.




Gas transported by Transporter for Shipper under this Rate Schedule shall

be on an interruptible basis. When capacity is available on

Transporter's system, Transporter shall receive for transportation

hereunder the quantity of gas made available by Shipper or for the account

of Shipper for transportation, provided, however, that such quantity shall

not exceed the lesser of (1) the Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity

(MAXDTQ) specified in the Service Agreement, exclusive of Transport Fuel,

or (2) the system capacity quantity available to Shipper as provided in

Section 8 of this ITS-1 Rate Schedule. Transporter shall make available

for delivery to Shipper at the delivery points as specified in the Service

Agreement, subject to available capacity the same quantities received as

measured, less Transport Fuel, in accordance with Sections 4 and 22 of the

General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff.



2.1 Term


The period of time to be covered by the Service Agreement shall be

determined by agreement between the parties.