TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 12/01/2001, Docket: RP01-419-000, Status: Suspended

Third Revised Sheet No. 219 Third Revised Sheet No. 219 : Suspended

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 219





6.5 Capacity Release Requirements.


(a) All terms and conditions relating to a release which is

the subject of a Capacity Release Request: (i) must be nondiscriminatory

and applicable to all potential bidders; (ii) must be made available to

TransColorado for posting; (iii) must relate solely to the details of

acquiring or maintaining the transportation capacity rights on

TransColorado, which are the subject of the release; and (iv) must not

place any obligations or burdens on TransColorado in addition to the terms

and conditions applicable to a capacity release under this Section 6 which

are specified in TransColorado's Tariff. Any bid evaluation procedure

elected by a Releasing Shipper different from TransColorado's bid

evaluation procedure set forth in Sections 6.10(b) through 6.10(d) must be

objective, nondiscriminatory in all circumstances and contain a complete

description of the bid evaluation procedure for posting on TransColorado's

Interactive Website. TransColorado may require the Releasing Shipper to

submit a working computer program to TransColorado in diskette form which

is compatible with TransColorado's Interactive Website which will enable

TransColorado to make such alternative bid evaluation entirely through

TransColorado's Interactive Website, prior to the time any alternative bid

evaluation procedure is requested, if such bid evaluation procedure is not

based on (i) highest rate; (ii) net revenue; or (iii) present value as

determined in Sections 6.10(b)(i) through 6.10(b)(iv) (collectively

referred to as "Acceptable Alternative Bid Evaluation Procedure") and the

remaining procedures set forth in Sections 6.10(c) and 6.10(d). If the

Releasing Shipper elects a bid evaluation procedure that differs from

TransColorado's bid evaluation procedure or the Acceptable Alternative Bid

Evaluation Procedure and the remaining procedures set forth in Sections

6.10(c) and 6.10(d), TransColorado shall not be held to the subsequent

deadlines set forth in this Section 6, but TransColorado shall make a

reasonable attempt to adhere to such deadlines. TransColorado shall

publish standards relating to such computer diskettes, but it is the

responsibility of the Releasing Shipper to develop and provide the working

computer diskette. The Releasing Shipper shall warrant that the computer

diskette conforms to the bid evaluation procedure in the Capacity Release



(b) The term of any release of capacity sought under this

Section 6 shall be at least one full day and shall not exceed the

remaining term of the Eligible Firm Transportation Agreement.


(c) The quantity sought to be released under a Capacity

Release Request shall not be less than the minimum quantity required for

the Eligible Firm Transportation Agreement under TransColorado's Tariff.