TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 12/05/1996, Docket: CP90-1777-009, Status: Effective

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to this section shall not become effective unless it does so

without suspension or refund obligation.


22.4 Remittance to GRI. Not later than 15 days after receipt of

monies received from the GRI charge, TransColorado shall

remit such funds to GRI, less any amounts properly payable to

federal, state or local authorities.



Purpose. TransColorado is an interstate naturalgas pipeline

company that transports natural gas for others pursuant to Subparts

B and G of Part 284 and is affiliated through its corporate parents

(an equal partnership comprised of El Paso TransColorado Company, K

N TransColorado, Inc., and Questar TransColorado, Inc.) with

corporations which may engage in marketing or brokering activities

as defined in Section 161.2 of the Commission's Regulations.

Section 23 provides the information and procedures required by 18

C.F.R. Section 250.16(b) and (c).


23.1 Shared personnel and facilities. TransColorado, as a

separate entity, does not share any operating personnel or

facilities with any affiliated marketing or brokering entity.

The three interstate pipeline companies that comprise

TransColorado (El Paso Natural Gas Company, K N Interstate

Gas Transmission Company, and Questar Pipeline Company) have

complied with the procedures required by Sections 161 and

250.16 of the Commission's Regulations.


23.2 Complaint Procedures. If an existing or potential Shipper

has a concern relating to any request for transportation

service or any ongoing transportation service, Shipper may

complete the inquiry form included in this Tariff. Shipper

shall complete the inquiry form and return it to:


TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

Post Office Box 1492

El Paso, Texas 79978

Attention: Director, Customer Accounting

Services Department

(Street Address: 100 N. Stanton

El Paso, Texas 79901)

TransColorado shall notify Shipper within 48 hours that the

inquiry has been received. Each inquiry will be noted on the

transportation request log. Each inquiry shall be

investigated, and TransColorado shall inform Shipper in

writing within 30 days of receipt of the inquiry of the

action, if any, taken in response to Shipper's inquiry.