TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/05/1996, Docket: CP90-1777-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 59 Original Sheet No. 59 : Superseded




point. Use of the selected receipt point must be confirmed by



9.6 A replacement Shipper desiring primary receipt and delivery

points, other than those released, must request firm service under

the provisions of this tariff and, subject to available capacity,

enter into a Rate Schedule FT service agreement for such

additional service.


9.7 Shippers receiving firm transportation service may request changes

to primary receipt and delivery points. If capacity is available,

Shipper's transportation service agreement will be amended

accordingly. A firm Shipper may request primary firm capacity at

a new receipt or delivery point, and either (1) release an

equivalent capacity at one or more existing receipt or delivery

points or (2) request and pay for additional capacity, if

available at the requested receipt or delivery point. Any

released capacity will be identified on TransColorado's electronic

bulletin board.


9.8 A Replacement Shipper may add or delete primary receipt and

delivery points or change Shipper's total capacity at primary

receipt and delivery points. However, a Releasing Shipper can, as

a term of its release, require the Replacement Shipper to get its

permission to change receipt and delivery points. Any replacement

Shipper has the right to use alternate receipt and delivery points

on a interruptible basis for the capacity assigned to such



9.9 Previously negotiated discounted firm transportation rates for

primary receipt and delivery points will not apply to service at

alternate points. Unless otherwise agreed to by TransColorado,

Shipper shall pay the maximum FT reservation charge for service

nominated at the alternate points.




10.1 Unit of Measurement and Metering Base. The volumetric measurement

base shall be one cubic foot of gas at a pressure base of 14.73

pounds per square inch absolute, at a temperature base of 60

degrees Fahrenheit, without adjustment for water vapor.


10.2 Atmospheric Pressure. For the purpose of measurement, calculation

and meter calibration, the average absolute atmospheric

(barometric) pressure shall be based on