TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

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Effective Date: 12/05/1996, Docket: CP90-1777-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 58 Original Sheet No. 58 : Superseded





appurtenant to, TransColorado's pipeline system, or otherwise

related to the operation thereof. TransColorado shall endeavor to

cause a minimum of inconvenience to Shipper because of such





9.1 A Shipper receiving service on TransColorado's system under Rate

Schedule FT must designate its primary receipt and delivery

points. All other receipt and delivery points on TransColorado's

system will be available as alternate points to firm Shipper's on

an interruptible basis.


9.2 The receipt points for gas tendered by Shipper to TransColorado

and the delivery points for gas delivered by TransColorado to

Shipper shall be at the interconnections of the facilities of

TransColorado and such other point designated from time to time in

the transportation service agreement.


9.3 The sum of a firm Shipper's primary receipt point capacities may

not exceed the Shipper's total CD. The sum of a firm Shipper's

primary delivery point capacities may not exceed Shipper's total



9.4 All receipt and delivery points on TransColorado's transmission

system located within the path of the service for which a firm

Shipper is paying will be available as alternate points under a

firm Shipper's service agreement. A firm Shipper will be required

to follow TransColorado's nomination procedures to use alternate

points. A firm Shipper's right to deliver gas to or receive gas

from TransColorado at alternate points of receipt or delivery

shall be subordinate to the primary rights of other firm Shippers

but will have priority over interruptible transportation and

authorized overrun service.


9.5 If a firm Shipper's nomination at an alternate receipt or delivery

point requires interruption of an interruptible Shipper currently

using that receipt or delivery point, TransColorado will notify

the interrupted Shipper and, subject to available capacity and

maintenance of system integrity, allow that Shipper until 5:00

a.m. each gas day (2 hours prior to the time gas flows on

TransColorado's system) to select an alternate receipt