TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/05/1996, Docket: CP90-1777-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 39 Original Sheet No. 39 : Superseded







5.1 A shipper desiring firm transportation service may submit a bid

through TransColorado's EBB.


5.2 Notice of Available Firm Capacity. TransColorado will post on a

continuous basis, a notice on its EBB of any available capacity

under Rate Schedule FT. Available capacity shall be awarded using

the bidding procedures described below. TransColorado's notice

will include the following information:


(a) CD stated in Dth/day.


(b) The receipt and delivery points.


(c) The beginning and ending dates of the service.


(d) The minimum acceptable service term.


(e) The minimum rate TransColorado is willing to accept.


(f) Any other applicable conditions.


5.3 Bidding for Firm Capacity. A Shipper desiring to obtain the firm

capacity from TransColorado must submit a bid for the service

through TransColorado's EBB according to the procedures outlined

in this section.


5.4 Qualifications for Bidding. Any party wishing to become a bidding

Shipper must prequalify by satisfying the creditworthiness

provisions and the EBB access and signatory requirements of this

tariff prior to submitting a bid for capacity.


5.5 Bid Period. TransColorado will hold a bid period of five business

days for prearranged transactions or open offers.


5.6 Bidding Information. A Shipper may submit a bid for capacity at

any time during the bid period.


(a) Each bid for capacity must include the following: