TransColorado Gas Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/05/1996, Docket: CP90-1777-009, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 33 Original Sheet No. 33 : Superseded





1.26 "Overrun gas" means those quantities of gas tendered for

transportation by Shipper on any day in excess of the currently

effective contract demand or daily quantity.


1.27 "Primary receipt and delivery point" means a receipt or delivery

point on TransColorado's system located within the path of service

for which the Shipper is paying and has contracted for firm



1.28 "Prospective firm shipper" means an entity that has submitted a

request for new or additional firm transportation service.


1.29 "Recallable capacity" means firm capacity that is released subject

to the releasing Shipper's right to recall capacity during the

term of the release.


1.30 "Receipt point" means a point where TransColorado receives gas

from or for the account of Shipper for transportation on the



1.31 "Releasing Shipper" means any Shipper holding firm capacity rights

under a transportation service agreement under Rate Schedule FT

that releases firm capacity.


1.32 "Replacement Shipper" means any Shipper that acquires firm

released capacity from a releasing Shipper.


1.33 "Request for service" means a written or electronic request for

initial service, additional receipt or delivery points or

additional volumes submitted by any party under Sections 4 or 5 of

the General Terms and Conditions.


1.34 "Shipper" means any party who (a) is receiving service in

accordance with an effective rate schedule under Original Volume

No. 1, (b) has executed a service agreement under any rate

schedule, or (c) has completed a request for service under Rate

Schedules FT or IT.


1.35 "System" means the pipeline, appurtenant facilities and any

compression and related facilities owned by TransColorado.


1.36 "Unaccounted-for gas" means that volume of gas which is the

difference between the sum of all input volumes of gas to the

system and the sum of all output volumes of